Opening Ceremony at Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen, Dreieich 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Opening Ceremony at Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen, Dreieich 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Masters of Speculation, Janna Pinsker and Wicki Bernhardt, photo: Janna Pinsker
Opening Ceremony at Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen, Dreieich 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Opening Ceremony at Bürgerhaus Sprendlingen, Dreieich 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Festivaldinner at Theaterhaus Frankfurt 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Prize gala "Karfunkel" 2018, photo: Katrin Schander
Opening Party, Photo: Katrin Schander
Festivalparty, Photo: Marina Andrée
Opening Party, Photo: Katrin Schander
Transfer-Reading, Photo: Marina Andrée
Opening Party, Photo: Katrin Schander
Karfunkel, Photo: Katrin Schander
Festival-Lunch, Photo: Katrin Schander
Festivalparty, Photo: Katrin Schander
Franco-German Evening, Photo: Charlotte Kleine
Book Presentation, Photo: Marina Andrée
Festivalparty, Photo: Katrin Schander

Accompanying Program




Opening and Anniversary Celebration

Stadthalle Eschborn

(registration required)

Welcome to Eschborn! Sponsors, supporters, presenters, colleagues and artists celebrate together the start of the 25th edition of the “Starke Stücke” festival with speeches, music, theatre and surprises by the “Starke Stücke” Junior Crew. After the performance of Theater Marabu, everyone is invited to linger and celebrate with snacks and drinks.




Starke Worte – Book Premiere and Discussion on the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People

Zoo Gesellschaftshaus, Frankfurt a. M.

in cooperation with Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt

“Take a Child to the Theatre” is the ASSITEJ motto on the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People. For over 25 years, theatre makers and presenters from the “Starke Stücke” network have been committed to presenting artistically ambitious theatre to as many young people as possible. The current coalition contract of the City of Frankfurt stipulates the creation of an independent children’s and youth theatre. How does the planned new venue situate itself in the existing theatre structure and what can it accomplish? How far have plans for this venture advanced and what are the next steps?

Moderated by: Eva-Maria Magel (Kulturjournalistin, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Discussion Panel:
Dr. Ina Hartwig (Kulturdezernentin der Stadt Frankfurt am Main)
Brigitte Dethier (Vorsitzende der ASSITEJ Deutschland e.V., Intendantin des JES, Stuttgart)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider (Ehrenpräsident der ASSITEJ, Direktor des Instituts für Kulturpolitik der Universität Hildesheim)

Impuls: Nadja Blickle (Projektleiterin „Starke Stücke“-Festival, KulturRegion FrankfurtRheinMain)




Discussion: Performing Arts and Artificial Intelligence

Zoo Gesellschaftshaus, Frankfurt a. M.

following the 5 pm performance
Artefact (14+), Théâtre Nouvelle Génération-CDN (Lyon, FR)

Theatre without people? Is that still theatre? The production “Artefact” questions the future of theatre in the age of digitalisation and the introduction of artificial intelligence into more and more areas of life, increasingly also into the art world. Together with the audience, director Joris Mathieu and Tim Sandweg, Schaubude Berlin, discuss the effects and chances of combining theatre and artificial intelligence. Directly afterwards, the DFJW is once again proud to host its traditional German-French reception.

In German and French language.

Moderated by: Marina Andrée




Festival party

Theaterhaus Frankfurt

The first Saturday of the festival is always reserved for the “Starke Stücke” festival party at the Theaterhaus. From 8 pm on, there will be food and drinks with the dance floor open from 9 pm! Join us for a roaring good time!




Transfer - Translation in theatre for young audiences

Kinder- und Jugendtheaterzentrum, Frankfurt a. M.

To conclude the workshop “Transfer”, the participants and guests will discuss challenges and potential of multilingualism in international theater and festival contexts: what does a “translation” require in theatre for young audiences? How can meaning be conveyed and translated?


Masters of Speculation

Theaterhaus Frankfurt

Sun, 24th March (following the 4 pm performance Hocus Pocus) Theaterhaus Frankfurt
Sun, 24th March (following the 7 pm performance Make me Dance) jugend-kultur-kirche sankt peter, Frankfurt

Artists Janna Pinsker and Wicki Bernhardt welcome the audience after two select performances with a giant game of scrabble. Two teams compete against each other to speculate together about what they have just seen and to invent new words for all things that words on stage couldn’t describe. No orthography needed!




next generation workspace 18/19 – Finale

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt a. M.

To conclude their international research residency "next generation workspace", the twelve young theatre makers present their methods and new project ideas, which will be shown between 22 and 24 March as part of the festival. At the Finale they will discuss the effects of the research residency for their own work and for children’s and youth theatre in the region.




Presentation of festival project

Forum Friedrichsdorf

Students of the Philipp-Reis School in Friedrichsdorf have spent an intense week working on movement and dance as artistic forms of communication together with dancer Wannes De Porre and theatre pedagogue Arnika Senft. A public final presentation rounds off the project.


Presentation of the Frankfurt "Karfunkel" Prize for children’s and young people’s theatre

Kaisersaal des Frankfurter Römer (nur geladene Gäste)

(registration required)

The Children’s and Youth Theatre Prize of the City of Frankfurt recognizes the efforts of productions and theatrical concepts of an especially innovative nature. This year the prize goes to theaterperipherie.




Norwegian Abend

Gallus Theater, Frankfurt a. M.

following the 6 pm performance
Garage, Cirka Teater, Trondheim (NO)

Three Norwegian productions are attending this year’s festival. Norway is moreover the guest country of the Book Fair 2019. This Norwegian evening celebrates our still young friendship with the colleagues from Norway. Everyone is warmly welcome!

Supported by: Norwegian Embassy




Make You Dance

Centralstation, Darmstadt

following the performance at 6 pm
Make Me Dance, Pantarei Dance Theater, Oslo (NO)

After the performance, the dancers activate the audience and invite everyone to join in the dancing, to move their bodies and have fun.





Theaterhaus Frankfurt

(registration required)

All participants finally come together to conclude the festival: presenters, professional visitors, artists and workshop leaders, the festival office team and the “Starke Stücke” junior crew. Together, they once more recall the past few days and speak about their impressions of the festival.