Starke Stücke - Junior-Crew

Experiencing a theatre festival is best done when right in the thick of it. Over 60 children and
teenagers between the age of five and eighteen actively contribute to “Starke Stücke”: They
support us a hosts at the venues, inquisitively watch the productions in the role of experts and
openly express their own opinions. As space poets, they leave colourful traces and provide a
festive atmosphere. The crew is composed of five groups from Bad Homburg, Eschborn, Frankfurt
and Rüsselsheim, who have been preparing since October 2018 in parallel, as well as in shared

Now they are ready for the festival!

"Starke Stücke" - Junior-Crew 2018/19:

Bad Homburger – Junior-Crew from Kinder- und Jugendkulturtreff E-Werk:
Marija, Denis, Aleksandros, Louise, Fabienne, Viktoria, Lauritz, Hannah, Lisa, Maja, Dian, Alia, Paul, Jan Adam, Pauline, Nicolay, Adrian
Geleitet von Silke Kutscher und Nikolas Hamm

Eschborner – Junior-Crew from Kita Odenwaldstraße alias ‚Raum-Poeten‘:
Julius, Sofia, Adriana, Wassiliki, Timo, Sami, Valentina, Miko, Stella, Laila, Friedrich, Magdalena und Elia
Geleitet von Manuela Pirozzi, Monica Janke und Christine Wonner

Frankfurter – Junior-Crew from IGS Herder:
Shelter, Amina, Halima, Soraya, Lina, Jaspreet, Belcim, Finn, Celin, Cezara, Leonie, Nelly, Siena, Zara
Geleitet von Fiona Louis und Lea Müller

Frankfurt – Junior-Crew from IGS Herder alias ‚Experten‘:
Sarah, Katja, Camilla, Ella, Anouk, Emily, Anna, Emil, Leni, Soraya
Geleitet von Arnika Senft

Rüsselsheim – Junior-Crew from Alexander von Humboldt Schule:
Chaima, Celine, Ceyda, Leonie, Leni, Naila, Patrycja, Rafail, Tatjana, Vasiliki
Geleitet von Heike Mayer-Netscher und Bianca Heine

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