Here comes the theatre!

"Here comes the theatre!" describes the process towards a new performing arts centre for young audiences that will be realized within the walls of the historic "Zoogesellschaftshaus" at the entrance of Frankfurt Zoo. The process is supported by the cultural administration of the city of Frankfurt (Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt) and it enables "Starke Stuecke Festival" to create a temporary theatre and a meeting place for families, children and young people already before the construction process has started.

Three shows will be presented here: "House of my Spirit", "Out of the Box 2.0" and "M.A.R. - a house, a century, its inhabitants". Several groups from the Ludwig Richter Schule will experience a festival project here during the week and present its results for their fellow students, families and teachers. On March 10th, everyone is invited to learn more about the process when the architectural bureau Ortner & Ortner present their plans and the progress they are making.

"The Playground" will be presented in the Zoo playground (in cooperation with Zoo Frankfurt).

Flyer "Starke Stücke im Zoogesellschaftshaus"