About us

Watching, acting, exploring, creating

The “Starke Stücke” workshop program offers adolescents a direct encounter with theater by combining watching with acting. The practical analysis of aesthetic quality and how young people experience artistic processes themselves opens up a valuable range of experiences.

Moreover, all-year round school classes and groups of children are involved in the “Starke Stücke” workshop program in an artistic capacity: in festival projects, as expert work groups, theater scouts or offerings for partner schools.

Workshop-Team 2016
Marielle Amsbeck, Katrin Bremer, Sina Dotzert, Verena Gerlach, Tracey Grey, Nikolas Hamm, Stefanie Kaufmann, Björn Lehn, Fiona Louis, Kathrin Marder, Heike Mayer-Netscher, Carola Moritz, Santo Pedilarco, Ingrid Pickel, Friederike Schreiber, Kai Schuber, Katalin Stang, Bernhard Staudt, Lenka Wolf, Jana Varhalikova